Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Holiday Wish for You, for Us, for All

Since attending a revival of "How to Succeed in Business," a song has been running in my head: "There is a brotherhood ... of men." The lack of gender inclusion aside, not a bad thought to have on your mind at this time of year. Especially with Frank Loesser's rousing melody.

This is the season of contradictions: the joy of giving with, perhaps, smaller purses - and credit card limits - to give from. Delight at seeing family and friends and, for some, the tension of sharing tables with those who raise our ire. Too much to do, too little time. And then the specters of perfectionism and expectations.

When I was a little girl, my father would draw Christmas trees on cards he gave each of us with a present. In the years of plenty he drew a big Christmas tree. In the lean years, a smaller one. It reminded us that it was the holiday, the joy of being together and the sharing that matter. Not the size or the mundane squabbles between sisters. I am lucky to still feel that way.

Isn't that what the promise of the season boils down to? Giving. Loving. Sharing. Unity. And through unity, perhaps peace.

So many of us wish for snow at this time of year. And why not? That mantle of whiteness, when it covers the land, does more than provide exquisite beauty, the picture-perfect Kodak moment.

It softens sounds, muffles discord, provides a unifying cover of splendor over all that lies beneath.

Unity. Brotherhood.

Maybe we don't have world peace as yet another year draws to a close. Maybe we never will. But we do have a lot of people loving others, doing their best, wishing we all got along, praying that we will.

My wish for the season is that we renew our willingness to look at how we are the same despite our differences, to find what we love about another rather than what stands in the way of that love. And that will not only help your image and your brand, but your soul, your body, your business, your life.


d. Sisterhood. And, perhaps one day ...

Peace on earth.

Thanks to you. Thanks to us. Thanks to all. Let's enjoy the holidays!

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  1. I was happy to find you blogging! Thanks for the good wishes. I now have a blog too
    Everyday Bliss
    It is Gratitude week over there and I continue to be grateful that I had you as my SELP coach those many moons ago! Hope my note finds you happy!